Finding Affordable Car Financing on a Budget
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< 1 min read • Published December 9, 22

Loans from banks and dealerships can leave you in debt that takes years to pay off. Hidden fees and compounding rates can add tens of thousands of dollars to your car financing plan. offers affordable car financing plans to anyone in Texas so you can have a chance to own the car you’ve always wanted.

With these revolutionary deals, you can get car financing for any vehicle for extremely low costs. Over an 84-month term, choosing (0.99% EAPR) over traditional loans (16% APR) allows you to save:

  • $16,422 when financing a Toyota Camry
  • $21,760.01 when financing a Ford F-150
  • $16,006.53 when financing a Nissan Altima
  • $22,533.06 when financing a Chevrolet Silverado
  • $13,640.99 when financing a Toyota Corolla

The reason bank and dealership loans are so expensive is that their high-interest rates cost more over time. Since only charges the lowest EAPR on the market, you can rest assured you’ll save thousands of dollars on our affordable car financing.

Even though you don’t get your car immediately, when you do get it you won’t be in debt. We help ensure all our members are financially literate and prepared to pay off their vehicles. is all about dollars and discipline.

If you’re living on a budget, you need to maintain control of your finances. Taking a loan from the bank puts you at the mercy of the institution and the fluctuating economy. Find security in by learning how to manage your own money so that you won’t have to pay banks to borrow theirs. Join now to start saving to pay for your next car.

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