Financing a Car for Less: Exploring the Savings
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2 min read • Published February 28, 23

Buying a car is a significant investment; financing is the only way to afford it for many Americans. U.S. citizens haven’t been able to pay off their vehicles quickly for a while. When securing a loan for a car, most people turn to traditional lenders like banks, credit unions or even dealerships. However, there is another option that can save you tons of money in the long run: savings clubs.

What is a savings club?

A savings club is a group of people who pool their money together to save cash and secure loans at lower interest rates. The concept is simple: each member contributes a certain amount of money each month, used to lend to members who need it. Learn more about savings clubs in our other blog post.

How much can you save financing a car through a savings club?

The amount you can save by financing a car through a savings club versus a traditional lender will depend on several factors, including the interest rate and loan term. Let’s take a look at an example:

Suppose you want to buy a car for $30,000. You have good credit and qualify for a 3-year loan from a bank at an interest rate of 8%. Your monthly payment would be $933, and you would pay a total of $33,598 over the life of the loan.

Now let’s say you join a savings club that offers car loans at a 2% interest rate. You apply for a 3-year loan for $30,000. Your monthly payment would be $869, and you would pay a total of $31,284 over the life of the loan.

In this case, you would save $2,314 by financing your car through a savings club instead of a bank loan. You could use this significant amount of money to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, or invest in other financial goals.

These are just examples, and can save you even more depending on the value of the desired vehicle and loan term. We even allow you to use credit history to improve plan options.

In a nutshell…

After it’s all said and done, financing a car through can be a wise financial decision if you want to save money on interest and pay off your loan faster. While the interest rate and loan term will depend on a few factors, it’s worth checking out some deals just for you! With, there’s finally smart funding for smart people. Since never charges more than 9.9% EAPR, we guarantee the best rates in the market.

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