Buy a Car With No Credit History
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2 min read • Published November 30, 22

If you want to buy a car with your own finances, then you shouldn’t have to worry about your credit history. Banks love to prey on people with amateur financial knowledge and lousy credit. But did you know that you can buy a car with no credit history at all?

Tired of digging out of debt?

Don’t let unnecessary debts and fees bury you in debt. Thousands of people fall prey to predatory loans offered up by banks. When a bank offers you a loan, they make money on your dime. To secure funds and make a profit, most banks tend to charge:

With the bank’s terms, you can’t win. You can be pinned for paying early, and you’ll be fined for paying late. These institutions will drag out your contract for as long as possible so that you pay the maximum interest on your loan. When you sign a loan with a bank, it’s always on their terms.

If you want to be in control of your next car purchase, finance it with Our club lets you save money to build a group fund. Once you’ve made enough payments, you’ll get a credit voucher and be able to buy your car as if you had cash. has finally created smarter funding for smart people. With ultra-low EAPR rates, you can rest assured your rate won’t compound during your contract. By refusing to give in to impulsivity, you can plan to own the car of your dreams.

No credit, no problem

Loans are only offered to a select group of people. With no credit history, you won’t be approved. To give everyone a chance, lets anyone buy a car, regardless of their credit history. If you learn how to plan and gain equity while paying off your next car, you can avoid the vicious debt cycle that keeps many car buyers playing catch up.

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