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    What is a Consortium?

    What is a consortium? According to Investopedia, a consortium is “a group of entities (individuals, companies etc) that collaborate to achieve a common objective.” They do this by pooling their resources together and agreeing to abide by specific terms. Otherwise, they remain totally independent of each other.  Consortiums whose goals are ...

    bmw luxury cars Cars 05-05-22

    The Top 5 Super Luxury Cars of 2022

    Super luxury cars are vehicles that have it all. In order to be considered a super luxury car, the vehicle must have high-end features that go far above and beyond the features of an average vehicle. Imagine powerful engines with superior ...

    car air conditioner Cars Featured 29-04-22

    10 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car Air Conditioner

    Most people consider a working car air conditioner as a non-negotiable necessity. We rely on them to keep us cool in the summer (or all year long if you live in a hot climate). Like other systems in the car, maintaining the car’s air ...

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