How Frequently Do Car Models Get Redesigned?
Written by Beatriz Berbet

2 min read • Published August 22, 22

The question often arises, how long does it typically take for car models to get redesigned? It’s a complicated question with many nuances, so that the article will explore a few.

Definition of a car model

A car model is a specific set of specifications for a car that a company manufactures. A car model may be revised or redesigned during its production life cycle to keep up with changing consumer demands or technological advances. Depending on the company, a car model may be redesigned as frequently as every few years or as infrequently as every decade.

How often do new car models get added to the fleet?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. To determine how often new car models are added, we must examine how often car companies release new models. This can vary significantly from company to company. Some companies, like Toyota, release new models every year. Others, like Mercedes-Benz, release new models every other year.

A few factors play into how often companies release new models. One is the rate of technological change. Cars are becoming increasingly complex, with new features constantly added. This means that companies have to continually update their models to keep up with the latest technology. Another factor is fashion. Car companies want their models to be seen as stylish and up-to-date, so they will often redesign them to stay ahead of the curve.

So, how often do car models get redesigned? It varies from company to company and depends on technology and fashion. However, we can say that new car models are released relatively frequently.

How often do old car models get discontinued?

It’s a common misconception that car model get redesigned every few years. In reality, most carshave a lifespan of around ten years before they’re discontinued. However, this doesn’t mean every car on the road is ten years old. Car companies regularly release new models to keep up with changing customer tastes and technological advancements. So, while your car may not be brand new, it’s likely not as outdated as you think.

What triggers a redesign?

There are a few different things that can trigger a car model redesign. One is simply the passage of time. Most models see a redesign every few years as manufacturers strive to keep their offerings fresh and up-to-date. Sometimes, however, a change in consumer tastes or needs will prompt a mid-cycle refresh, a mini redesign that can include new styling, updated features, and so on. Finally, technological advances can lead to full-scale redesigns as manufacturers attempt to incorporate the latest and greatest into their products.


The rate at which car models get redesigned has increased in recent years and is only expected to continue rising. This is due to several factors, including technological advances, changing consumer tastes, and stricter emissions standards. While this may be frustrating for those who just bought a new car, it’s good news for the environment and the economy.

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