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Home financing plans start at 0.5% EAPR with no down payment required.

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Buying this....

Buying this....

Is more like buying this

A standard 6.25% APR costs 2.5 houses after it’s all said and done. Traditional loans can be a trap leading to debt.

Is more like buying this

Savings Club vs Traditional Loans

With a good credit score, you could pay less then 2% in fees.

Loan Amount

Savings.Club x Traditional Financing
Rate comparison over time
Savings.Club x Traditional Financing Graphhic

Only pay for your vehicle and adm fees. No compounding interest, ever.

High compounding interest rates cost thousands after it’s all said and done.

Total cost
Total cost of the amount + fees for the entire term of the contract.

Plans for Any Financial Situation

Savings.club lets you pay half your monthly rate until you're awarded your voucher. See what plan works best for you.

Cost $588.07/mo > $294,03/mo Plan

How it works

In just 3 steps, you can save yourself from predatory loans.



Research to understand how much you need to buy your house.



Select an offer to save with hundreds of people using a common fund


Purchase your home

When your turn comes to get a credit voucher, go purchase your home as if you had cash on hand.


Yes! We finance cars too

Check out our website to explore our best deals. The best way to finance the car of your dreams without getting into debt is here!

No credit? No problem.

With Savings Club you get the house of your dreams for a max fee of 2% EAPR. Choose from 15, 30, and 40 year terms and half-payment options.

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No matter your credit score

Frequently Asked

We ask for your Social Security Number as a part of an authorization request to conduct a credit check. This is optional and you can still fully participate in a club without a credit check or providing a Social Security Number.

With traditional loans, APR is an annual rate calculated based on fees you pay to secure the loan. Here at savings.club we use EAPR (Equivalent Annual Percent Rate) where you only pay for your house and administrative fees. Our administration fees are used to keep up savings.club's infrastructure and EAPR means no compounding interest, ever.

With savings.club, you only pay what you need to. All of the hidden fees and costs you pay with traditional loans aren’t a factor in our pricing. You’ll only ever pay for your house and administration fees so that we can properly run your club.

You can pick out a house once you've received your credit voucher. Your eligibility for a voucher is dependent on your savings score. You can increase your score the more you make on time payments. The higher it is, the sooner you can receive your voucher and buy a home.

What is your dream?

Whatever it is, Savings Club can help you make it happen!
Buy your dream home, travel, have your farming fleet and even sail your boat.