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How Long Was Your Car Test Drive?

August / 22 / 2022

Car test drives are a huge part of car buying, but they can be challenging to measure. For example, what would be the best way to average your results if you test a car for one day only? This post gives some helpful tips and advice on making the most of your car test drive.

How to Get a Longer Test Drive

If you’re looking for a longer test drive, you can do a few things to increase your chances. First, be persistent. Remain polite and constant even if the dealership is not immediately receptive to your offer. If they’re not interested in giving you a longer, be upfront and move on. Second, try to schedule a test drive at different times of the day or week. It will allow you to see how the car handles in other conditions. And finally, ask the dealership to let you take the car out for a long drive after you’ve made your purchase. It will show your commitment and the dealership that you’re serious about making a purchase.

How long does your car store warranty last?

Typically, a car’s warranty lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 years, depending on the make and model. The contract’s length will list on the car’s paperwork or window sticker.

Tips for getting a shorter car test drive

You can do a few things to maximize the time you spend testing a car. First, be prepared. Answer all the questions the dealer asks and know the car’s features. If you’re unfamiliar with the vehicle, ask the dealer to give you a quick overview before driving.

Second, make sure you have plenty of time to test the car. The dealership isn’t going to rush you, and they likely won’t let you drive if you don’t have enough time. Allow at least an hour for an entire test drive and up to three hours if you’re interested in buying the car.

Finally, avoid making any big decisions during your test drive. The dealer wants to sell cars, not buy them, so don’t feel pressured to decide immediately. Take your time and decide what’s best for you.

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