How to Get Safe Alternative Car Financing
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2 min read • Published December 27, 22

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to find safe and affordable car financing. About 25% of Americans claim they would buy a car with savings. The funny thing is, there aren’t many ways to get a car without credit. Of course, you can always buy with cash, but forking over $40k for a vehicle isn’t a luxury that everyone has. Want to get a car without going into debt? If you want to learn how to get safe alternative car financing, there are a few different avenues that you can take.

Breakup with loans from the bank

Banks tend to offer predatory loans designed to keep you paying for as long as possible. Whether it’s high-interest rates or payments that become increasingly difficult to cover, it’s easy to dig yourself into a hole buying a new vehicle. If you want to avoid owing money, you could finance a car through a(n):

  • Savings club: Turn savings into affordable financing. Save towards a common fund that’s used to make vehicle purchases for all of the involved parties. These informal groups can encourage financial well-being and literacy.
  • Savings account: Have extra money to spare? Plan to use it for your next car. Without borrowing money, you’ll always be able to have control over your financial standing.
  • Auction: The rules of each car auction are different, but you might be able to snag a sweet deal if you navigate the event correctly. It never hurts to bring a friend along — just to have a second pair of eyes.

So, join us if you think a savings club could be for you. Use our deals page today to see just how much you could save by using safe alternative car financing. wants you to save now so you can spend less on your vehicle purchase later. Want smarter funding? Connect with us to find out more.

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