Half Payments: Making Saving Easier
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2 min read • Published January 11, 23

Right now, Americans are paying record-high amounts on car loans — about $700 per month. Between lengthy loan terms and steep interest rates, some of the best vehicles can cost tens of thousands of dollars in interest alone. So how can you buy a car while building your finances instead of drowning in debt? savings.club’s half-payment option is making saving easier than ever.

Even more affordable than before

To start, let’s reiterate just how affordable savings.club is. With EAPRs as low as 0.99%, you could get a new Nissan Altima for under $30,000. Since all you pay is a car payment and a club administration fee, you don’t lose thousands to debt. The half-payment alternative just makes a good deal even better.

Accepting the half payment is easy. After you’ve been approved, you’ll pay just half of your vehicle monthly payment until you’re awarded a credit voucher. Once the voucher is awarded, you’ll be reverted to standard payments for the remainder of your contract. This will slightly extend the contract duration.

With 0.99% EAPR, getting a new Altima with savings.club only costs $311.75 a month. With our new half-payment option, you could pay just $155.88 monthly for the same ride! That’s less than half the national monthly car payment average of $700. By slightly extending your contract, you can budget better. More time to plan while you pay less. That’s just one way we’re making saving easier.

Access to fair car financing for all

Too many people are left with too few options when it comes to car financing. We ensure affordable and accessible vehicle financing to everyone in the greater Texas area. Whether you want to start a standard or half-payment plan, savings.club is here for you! What’s stopping you from getting your next car? Connect with us today to figure it out.

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