What is savings.club EAPR?
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2 min read • Published October 17, 22

There is always interest included on payments that relate to loans and financing. Did you know that the interest you pay is usually affected by national inflation? This means that your payments fluctuate based on how well the United States market is performing — at least, this is the case with standard annual percentage rates (APR).

At savings.club, you’ll only make payments with our EAPR (Equivalent APR) attached. The only difference in our rates is that they’re more affordable. With consistent APR rates right from the start, you don’t have to worry about sudden expense spikes. When you budget, you can rest assured you’ll always have enough to account for our EAPR, regardless of interest rate hikes.

Our rates are lower than most standard APR charges, so you can save more and spend less. Unlike most loans and financing plans, our EAPR never changes. No matter how hard life hits you, you can be confident that your payments will remain the same.

What does it mean for you?

For savings.club members, our EAPR reflects the administration cost needed to run any given club. We’re required to add these costs up to calculate the yearly equivalent. By paying a flat EAPR rate on your contract payments, you help to keep the club:

  • Operational: EAPR ensures that all savings.club’s moving parts can continue to operate. These costs cover staffing, customer support, and site infrastructure.
  • Safe: Administration fees allow our club to operate safely since a portion is used to upkeep some of the most robust encryption software available.
  • Affordable: When all members pay their dues and plan to cover costs like EAPR, savings.club can continue to be a cost-effective way to prepare to purchase a car.

Here at savings.club, we only charge what’s necessary. The EAPR we attach to each contract helps us keep clubs accountable, active, and user-friendly.

EAPR: Better, not bigger

The bottom line is that our low EAPR is better. savings.club offers the lowest APR rates on the market for future car owners. Plan your car purchase with us today to reap the benefits of infinitely low monthly payments. Low EAPR means you can buy with confidence, knowing that your rates won’t change.

Let’s get as an example one FORD F150 for $52,974

Suppose you take credit with a dealership with a 16% APR. The final cost of your F150 — is $92.390 with a monthly payment of $1,052.17, considering a term of 84 months with no down payment. With savings.club EAPR, the rate would be 3%, giving you a monthly payment of $699.96 and a total cost of $62,804 in the same 84 months, saving $29,586

And here is the deal, EAPR is always lower than APR, and it’s easy to get a low rate. Just try it and save on buying the car that you really want.


Adriano Marques