Are There Alternative Car Financing Options?
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2 min read • Published November 30, 22


Finding the right car loan for you can be difficult. Taking a loan from the bank can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees and interest. So how can you secure the loan you need without all of the credit checks and down payment requirements? Consider alternative car financing options to save tons of money.

Alternative car financing options: Avoid greedy banks

If you’re looking for an affordable car financing option, consider a savings club. If you’re tired of going through banks to get loans, there’s a better option. Unlike a bank, savings clubs don’t qualify you based on credit history and whether or not you can make a down payment. If you join, you can:

  • Choose your monthly rate: We’ll help you set up an affordable rate that won’t bury you in debt.
  • Pick your own contract term: Yep, you get to choose how long you pay for your next car.
  • Plan based on the car you want to buy: Why pay double the value of your car if you don’t have to?

Banks and dealerships make money off of predatory loans. Don’t be a victim. Claim victory instead by joining Much like a peer-to-peer loan, savings clubs puts you in control of your financial future. No more dealing with the middleman and hidden fees with the bank.

Power to the people

We put the power in the people’s hands. You choose which club you join and how much money you contribute to the common fund each month. Borrowing from yourself is free, so there are no hidden fees that come back to haunt you later on. No longer does an absent credit history disqualify you from buying your dream car. Predatory loan practices are a thing of the past. Partnering with the bank isn’t the only way to get the car you want.

Plan and be patient to pay off your car faster. Explore alternative car financing options to see how much money you can save by avoiding compounding interest and hidden fees. Join the future of financing by joining today!



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