A Trend In The Automotive Industry: Consortium
Written by Beatriz Berbet

2 min read • Published August 22, 22

This article discusses the trend of consortium cars and how they are rapidly overtaking the automobile industry.

What is a Consortium?

It is a business alliance of different organizations that come together to form a single entity with a shared goal. Creating a consortium includes economies of scale, sharing resources, and synergies.

Benefits of Joining

The automotive industry is on the rise, and so are the benefits of joining a consortium. The benefits of joining a consortium are numerous and include:

  1. Increased Efficiency: By working together, consortium members can leverage their resources more effectively and reduce overall costs. It leads to improved profitability and increased innovation.
  2. Grander Scale: Joining a consortium allows companies to share resources, expertise, and know-how, enabling them to achieve a greater scale and improve their competitive edge. It makes them more able to compete in the marketplaces they serve.
  3. Increased Collaboration: Consortium members can develop better working relationships by sharing information and ideas whenever possible. It results in greater group efficiency and synergy, ultimately leading to improved performance.
  4. Enhanced Innovation: By pooling resources and sharing ideas, members of a consortium can foster innovation that would not be possible individually. It leads to new products and services that are more innovative and competitively advantageous than those offered by competitors alone.

How do we purchase cars through a Consortium?

They are becoming more popular in the automotive industry as a way to purchase cars. Purchasing a vehicle through a consortium can be advantageous because it allows you to buy a car at a discounted rate and share the cost with other members. The benefits include:

  • Reduced price: When purchasing a car, you can often find that the price is discounted by as much as 50%. It happens because the consortium can negotiate better prices with manufacturers and dealers.
  • Saving money on repairs:  Purchasing a car will likely save money on repair bills. Because the member will be responsible for covering the costs associated with repairs, they are more likely to take care of their vehicles properly. It means your car will be easier and cheaper to repair when it needs repairs.
  • Increased resale value: By participating in a consortium, you can increase your car’s resale value. It is because it will be in better condition than if purchased individually. Additionally, being part of a larger group can make you feel more affiliated with your vehicle, which may contribute to an increased sale price.

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and there are many trends that automakers are trying to capitalize on. One of the most popular trends right now is electric cars. It is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity, and it’s something that automakers need to be aware of. By investing in electric cars, automakers can not only save money on fuel costs but can also help reduce pollution levels.

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