Is It Legal For Me To Have A Lights On My Car?
Written by Beatriz Berbet

2 min read • Published August 22, 22

Have you ever thought that some of the items we use every day might be illegal? Maybe you should check your state’s laws to make sure. In this article, learn about ‘lights’ and ‘sirens’ and whether or not they are allowed in Texas.

What is the law in Texas?

Is it legal to have a lights/siren in my Texas car? In short, the answer is that it depends.

Generally speaking, it is legal to have flashing lights and sirens on your car as long as the equipment can’t use for advertising or solicitation purposes. If the equipment can use for law enforcement purposes, you may need to obtain a license from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Are there rules for using lights and sirens?

If you live in a state where it is illegal to have lights and sirens on your car, you may be breaking the law. However, there are certain circumstances where flashing lights and wailing sirens can be allowed.

For example, police cars may use them when pursuing a suspect. Additionally, some states allow emergency vehicles to use when responding to an emergency call. In these situations, the driver must follow all the rules that apply to regular traffic, including stopping at stop signs and red lights.

How to report a violation of the law about lights

If you see someone driving without a license or suspended license, report it to the police. If you see someone operating a vehicle with a light/siren on when the law does not allow it, report it to the police.

Is It Legal For Me To Have A Lights On My Car?

As a law-abiding citizen, you probably assume that it’s illegal for you to have any lights or sirens on your car. After all, these devices are for use in emergencies only! However, the reality is a little more complicated than that. In some states, it may be legal for you to have emergency lights and sirens installed on your car. To find out if this is the case in your state, consult an attorney or go online and do a Google search. In any event, always exercise caution when driving with emergency equipment activated – make sure to know the laws in your area before you hit the road!

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